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Arch and Heel pain


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Heel pain


(Plantar fasciitis)

 @ The Treatment Hub clinic in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire (near Glasgow) we often see patients who present with heel pain or arch pain. These pains or symptoms are very common and can present at any time, often with heel pain and arch pain first thing in the morning when first getting out of bed.

This heel pain or arch pain when getting out of bed is often a sign of a condition known as plantar fasciitis. The heel pain or arch pain related to plantar fasciitis is often most painful early in the morning with the pain easing on walking. However the heel or arch pain often starts again when having been seated and then commencing walking again.


Symptoms  of Plantar Fasciitis
Pain is the main symptom of Plantar Fasciitis.  This can be anywhere on the underside of the heel. Commonly one spot is found as the main source of pain in plantar fasciitis. This is often about 4 cms forward  from the heel, and may be tender to touch. The pain of plantar fasciitis usually  eases on resting the foot, but is often worst when first used in the morning.  Gentle exercise may then ease things a little as the day goes by, but a long  walk often makes the pain associated with plantar         fasciitis worse. Sudden  stretching of the sole of the foot may make the pain worse, for example, walking up stairs or on tip-toes.
Orthotics @ The Treatment Hub in Hamilton (near Glasgow) offer a variety of different orthotic an insole treatments for plantar fasciitis. Ranging  from Plantar fasciitis night splints and silicon insoles, foot orthotics and insoles to even custom made orthotics or insoles depending on the biomechanical problem.

It may be  that your symptoms may require a full biomechanical assessment to understand the  reason for you plantar fasciitis.
Treatment for plantar fasciitis (heel pain)

The Treatment Hub in Hamilton (near Glasgow) has a variety of potential treatments for heel or arch pain.

Orthotics and insoles:- Depending on the nature of the problem and biomechanics this may be treated by orthotics or insoles, in conjunction with a night splint to use to stretch the plantar fascia.

Physiotherapy:- Physiotherapy  treatment using stretching techniques, and exercises to help break down scar tissue in the foot can be used as well as ultrasound and in some cases acupuncture.




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