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  Custom foot orthotics & insoles


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 Custom foot orthotics and insoles available in Hamilton and Glasgow

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We manufacture our own custom made orthotics for our Hamilton and Glasgow clinics personally to ensure quality control, prescription accuracy total control of the orthotic manufcaturing process.

Custom orthotics are uniquely made for each indivdual patient with the integral prescritpion features built into the orthotic insoles (or orthoses) as they are manufactured.

They can be made in a variety of ways, but usually done by taking a plaster cast or impression of the foot, to allow the orthotics to be manufactured exactly to the contours of the foot in the corrected prescription

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What are the advantages of custom made orthotics?

1. The key advantage of custom made orthotics is the accuracy of the design and contours of the orthotics being 100% accurate for the patient.

2. They are made with a variety of high grade materials from carbon fibre, plastic or EVA foams dependant on patient activity, strength requirements and patient symptoms found within the biomechanical assessment.

3. Custom orthotics/insoles can have the prescription incorporated into the orthotics as part of the orthotic manufacture process. 

4. They can be very low profile and will last longer than semi custom orthotics. 


Custom made presciption orthotics can be made to treat a variety of different conditions. Given the fact that they are made for each individual patient they can be made with different design features to deal with the specific needs of the patient.

Some examples of these orthotic designs are shown below

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1. Heel cups:- To hold the foot securely in one position and prevent moderate to severe over pronation (sometimes called flat feet) or to protect the foot from painful movements in arthritis or other painful foot conditions.
The heel cup orthosis is usually made from plastic and provides a firm arch support structure to hold the foot. They can however be lined with cushioning material to provide shock absorption for walking or running.
It is an extremely effect arch support type insole as the high sided design holds the foot onto the support  and prevents it from losing control.

2. Total contact insoles, or TCI's:- Designed to spread
pressure across the foot and prevent high pressure points in the foot). This particular type of foot orthotic/insole is usually made from EVA foam with different densities to allow it to provide either support, relief or cushioning
of the foot. It can also be used as an arch support type insole to control pronation, and is particularly useful for under pronators, supinated or "cavus" high arch feet to introduce additional cushioning to this type of foot.

 This foot orthotic insole is often used for the use in a variety of sport shoes as the different density foams can be tailored to a specific sport or activity. Most commonly
this can be used for football, road running, trail running, tennis, golf, walking and hill walking.

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3. Functional foot orthotics (or orthoses):- Designed to
improve the function of the foot during walking or running, without restricting the normal movements of the foot.

This is probably the most versatile of the different types
of foot orthotics or orthoses as the control, design and type of materials used can vary greatly depending on the nature of the mechanical issues, symptoms or activity demands on the foot.


They are generally designed to allow the foot to function as it should normally but without it being too restrictive or uncomfortable towear in various shoes from running footwear to ladies slim fitting footwear.


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