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   Semi bespoke orthotics & insoles


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 Semi bespoke orthotics and insoles available in Hamilton and Glasgow

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 Semi bespoke orthotics are orthotics made specifically for each patient using a standard shell which is then customised according to the needs of the patient.  These standard shells are made of a combination of plastic and nylon.

This makes them flexibile but extremely durable. The Poditarist or Orthotist then adds wedging and adjustments to the orthotics to ensure that they meet the requirements of any orthotic prescription. These orthotic are prescribed after a full biomechanical assessment which takes place in our own clinics in Hamilton and Glasgow

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Standard orthotic shell

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What are the advantages of semi bespoke orthotics?

1. The key advantage of custom made orthotics is that you can have all of the same biomechanical control of a custom orthotic insole without the same cost.

2. They are made from highly durable materials meanng the orthotic shell can be refurbished

3. Semibespoke orthotic can highly customised by our orthotic specialists in ou orthotic lab

4. They can be covered with cushioned material making them extremely comfortable and user friendly


Semi bespoke orthotics can be made to treat a variety of different conditions. Our clinicians are experts in their field and have a huge number of options in customising these orthotic insoles to meet most conditions

Some examples of these orthotic designs and the flexibility of these semi bespoke orthotic shells are shown below. 


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