Custom 3D Scanning & Printing Orthotics

3D scanning technology is the latest way in which we can design your orthotics to be accurate and effective. We usually cast or scan in a non-weight bearing position to ensure we capture the foot in a more neutral position and to maximise control from the orthotics that we prescribe and manufacture.

  • Using our dedicated 3d scanner we take a digital image of the foot which then gives us a 3D image of the foot to allow us to then start the design process for your orthotics
  • The 3D image then is modified depending on the specific correction requirements for your orthotic prescription.
  • The orthotic prescription is then fed into either a 3D printer or milling machine depending on the type of orthotics being manufactured. These digitally manufactured orthoses are extremely accurate and ensure 100% repeatability and accuracy. They can even have orthotics with different levels of stiffness integrated into the prescription ensuring maximum accuracy, durability and comfort.