Joint orthopaedic assessments

Orthopaedic foot/ankle consultation and biomechanical assessments

A unique service to the Treatment Hub is our truly joined-up approach to working with other health professionals involved in the management of the foot and ankle. We have the scope to work alongside our team of therapists, Podiatrists and foot and ankle specialist Orthopaedics Surgeons within our very own team.

Often the ideal treatment solution for patients involves a combination of interventions. Our unique service gives our patients access to the possibility of joint orthotics and orthopedic surgical consultations between ourselves and specialist foot and ankle consultant Miss Roslyn Miller.

This allows us to formulate a plan that may include a variety of treatments for the lower limb from shockwave therapy, orthotics, ultrasound, and even surgery.

The Treatment Hub MSK specialists within the team are uniquely trained with knowledge of foot and ankle surgical techniques, and when this may be suitable for their patients

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Diagnostic Imaging

Our team also have access to further assessment such as diagnostic imaging x-ray, MRI or CT via our close working relationship with our Orthopaedic colleagues. As such, if we feel that after our MSK and biomechanical assessments that any surgical opinion including further images is required we can refer you directly to our orthopaedic team members for further assessment.

One of the unique aspects of our service is that if joint biomechanics and orthopaedic appointment is required we can also arrange this which means both approaches complement each other

The Treatment Hub teamwork with Miss Roslyn Miller Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon who is a specialist in foot and ankle surgery.

Miss Miller and the team have worked closely together on a weekly basis since 2011 to ensure there is a joined-up approach to inpatient care. She has clinics in both Harley St, London and also in Glasgow.