The Treatment Hub (Hamilton clinic)

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Services at this clinic include

The Treatment Hub (Hamilton)

The Treatment Hub:- Biomechanical assessment Hamilton

Our Hamilton clinic is the largest of our clinics and also houses our very own orthotic lab. It is the largest private orthotics and biomechanics clinic in Scotland and one of the largest in the UK with 6 Orthotists and 4 Podiatrists based at the centre.

An upgraded dedicated biomechanics gait lab being introduced in February 2024 marking the latest expansion of the Hamilton clinic.

It is unique in that it has on-site orthotic manufacturing with the clinicians directly involved in the orthotic manufacturing process.

As well as Biomechanics and orthotics we have full time Sports therapy, Physiotherapy and Podiatry clinics in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire,

This was our first clinic and where it all began! As such we are immensely proud of our flagship clinic

Services available include


Our Hamilton clinic consists of 7 clinic rooms with 13 clinicians delivering the wide variety of speciailties described above. Quite simply, if you have a musculoskeletal problem then there is someone in the Hamilton Treatment Hub team who can help you.

At our Edinburgh clinic we provide the full range of orthotics.

A brief overview of the various types of orthotics is given below.

  • Traditional custom orthotics:- These are made in our own orthotic lab. We make these from a non-weightbearing plaster cast of your feet in the correct position. We then make these in our lab to the custom prescription. To find out more about our custom orthotics click here 
  • Phits and 3D printed orthotics:- Phits orthotics are 3d printed orthotics made using specialist pressure readings of your feet. These orthotics are then 3D printed. 3D Ortho is a specialist range of custom additive printed orthotics. For more detail on both Phits and 3D ortho then please click here
  • Ankle foot orthotics (AFO's):- Ankle foot orthotics are available at this clinic. Our Orthotists can custom design your orthotics dependent on your issues. To find out more information on AFO's then click here

Podiatrist and orthotist biomechanical assessment

podiatrist and orthotist biomechanical assessment

We provide biomechanical assessments at this clinic. This is delivered by our Orthotists and Podiatrists.

A biomechanical assessment is the process to understand the cause of your pain or discomfort.

A biomechanical assessment is useful to establish why you may have the pain or discomfort with the following  issues.

  • Arch/heel pain (plantarfasciitis)
  • Forefoot pain (metatarsalgia)
  • Shin splints
  • Flat feet (planovalgus)
  • High arches (cavus feet)
  • Arthritis
  • Foot drop
  • Neurological conditions

As part of the biomechanical assessment we also undertake foot pressure analysis.

The purpose of this is to take exact data on how each foot takes weight in standing, walking or running.

This data is used in conjunction with the findings of your biomechanical assessment. It is particularly useful in patients who have specific areas of pain on the under side of the foot (plantar aspect).

But it also helps with looing at how your foot functions through out the gait cycle when your foot is on the ground.

Contact details for our Hamilton clinic

The Treatment Hub

60 Cadzow Street


South Lanarkshire


Call:- 01698537037

On-site Orthotic manuafcturing (Hamilton)

Not only do we make our own but we manufacture, refurbish and repair orthotics for other clinics.

If you are a clinician and you are interested in Sport Orthotics manufacturing your orthotics please contact us and we can discuss your needs. We have online prescription ordering for semi bespoke orthotics and can manufacture bespoke orthotics.