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Sport orthotics Edinburgh

Services at this clinic include

Sport Orthotics:- Biomechanical assessment Edinburgh

Sport Orthotics Edinburgh clinic is a  specialist custom orthotics and biomechanical assessment Edinburgh clinic in the East of Scotland. This is our newest private orthotic clinic and opened in February 2024 at South Gyle in Edinburgh.

Our clinic is located on the West side of Edinburgh  close to  the Edinburgh ring road, and Edinburgh Park tram stop. Patients from the Edinburgh area have historically travelled to our Glasgow or Hamilton clinics. Due to demand we have set up this clinic in the Edinburgh area.

What is a biomechanical assessment?

Biomechanical assessment is a specialist assessment undertaken by a podiatrist or orthotist to understand the mechanics of your body. The purpose of this is to understand why you may be having particular aches and pains in your body.

To find out more specific information around our biomechanical assessment approach within our clinics then click here

A biomechanical assessment needs to be undertaken before an orthotic prescription can be formulated for your particular problem. To find out more about orthotics click here.

Edinburgh biomechanical assessment clinic
biomechanical assessment

Who are we?

Sport Orthotics are the largest network of orthotic clinics across Scotland.  Our first clinic opened in 2007 in Hamilton providing biomechanical assessment and orthotics. We are a team of Orthotists and Podiatrists specialising in biomechanical assessment and orthotics.

Sport Orthotics are true specialists in our field and recognised as one of the leading private orthotic clinics in Scotland. the team provide our services to professional football clubs, athletes and people trying to stay active and without pain. for many years we have had our own manufacturing facility and invested in the latest technology to provide the highest level of care for our patients.

Within our orthotic lab we make over 1000 pairs of custom orthotics a year in our own orthotic lab. Want to know more about our services? Click here for more information.

Where are our clinics?

We have clinics throughout Scotland covering the entire central belt of Scotland and also the North East of Scotland. Experts in our field, we work with a variety of professional atheletes, runners and football clubs. Equally, we see many people simply wishing to stay comfortable to go about their daily activities.

Our Edinburgh clinic

We use the latest technology as part of our biomechanical assessment at Sport orthotics Edinburgh. We also continue to use our own orthotic lab. As such, our Podiatrists and Orthotists still hand make our own custom orthotics as well as new 3d printing technologies.

When you attend our clinic in Edinburgh you can be sure you are in the hands of true experts in their field.

Some further detail around what to expect is below.

At our Edinburgh clinic we provide the full range of orthotics.

A brief overview of the various types of orthotics is given below.

  • Traditional custom orthotics:- These are made in our own orthotic lab. We make these from a non-weightbearing plaster cast of your feet in the correct position. We then make these in our lab to the custom prescription. To find out more about our custom orthotics click here 
  • Phits and 3D printed orthotics:- Phits orthotics are 3d printed orthotics made using specialist pressure readings of your feet. These orthotics are then 3D printed. 3D Ortho is a specialist range of custom additive printed orthotics. For more detail on both Phits and 3D ortho then please click here
  • Ankle foot orthotics (AFO's):- Ankle foot orthotics are available at this clinic. Our Orthotists can custom design your orthotics dependent on your issues. To find out more information on AFO's then click here

Podiatrist and orthotist biomechanical assessment

podiatrist and orthotist biomechanical assessment

We provide biomechanical assessments at this clinic. This is delivered by our Orthotists and Podiatrists.

A biomechanical assessment is the process to understand the cause of your pain or discomfort.

A biomechanical assessment is useful to establish why you may have the pain or discomfort with the following  issues.

  • Arch/heel pain (plantarfasciitis)
  • Forefoot pain (metatarsalgia)
  • Shin splints
  • Flat feet (planovalgus)
  • High arches (cavus feet)
  • Arthritis
  • Foot drop
  • Neurological conditions

As part of the biomechanical assessment we also undertake foot pressure analysis.

The purpose of this is to take exact data on how each foot takes weight in standing, walking or running.

This data is used in conjunction with the findings of your biomechanical assessment. It is particularly useful in patients who have specific areas of pain on the under side of the foot (plantar aspect).

But it also helps with looing at how your foot functions through out the gait cycle when your foot is on the ground.

What is unique about our biomechanical assessment?

Sport Orthotics are unique in the fact that the Podiatrists and Orthotists personally manufacture your orthotics. But we can also utlise 3d printing techniques and also the whole range of orthoses. This includes, foot orthotics ankle foot orthotics (AFO's) both 3d printed and traditionally manufactured.

The Edinburgh private biomechanics and orthotic clinic is situated almost directly opposite Sport Scotland headquarters in South Gyle Edinburgh.

Our Orthotics & biomechanical assessment clinic is a satellite clinic and is primarily used as a biomechanical assessment and orthotic fitting centre.

Services available include


This biomechanics and orthotics clinic delivers all aspects of Biomechanical assessments, gait analysis, and custom orthotics from insoles to ankle foot orthoses (AFO's).

About this clinic

Our Edinburgh biomechanical assessment and orthotics clinic consists of 1 clinic room in lovely surroundings with a reception and waiting area.

Our Edinburgh biomechanical assessment and orthotics clinic has ample parking at the front of the building and is also convenient for public transport. Sport Orthotics Edinburgh is easily accessed via the ring road, and near public transport. Deliberately situated within easy access to the Forth Road bride for patients in the Fife area also

All of our Sport Orthotics clinics are Gait and Motion approved clinics. As such, we have both the Footscan pressure system and are also able to provide Phits orthotics as well as other 3d printed orthotic devices.

Contact details for our Edinburgh clinic

Sport Orthotics Edinburgh

4 Redheughs Rigg

South Gyle


EH12 9DQ

Call:- 0141 212 7172