Returns policy

Returns policy

Custom made orthotics

Custom orthotics are made specifically to a plaster cast, impression or 3d scan for each patient and as such are made uniquely for each individual patient.

Custom orthotics are individually made and cannot be transferred or re-sold to another patient or customer.

As part of the provision of these custom made devices we also provide an unlimited 3 month follow up service. This allows an unlimited number of adjustments to ensure patient satisfaction.

The provision of custom made orthotics is a medical treatment and like all medical interventions they do not have a 100% guarantee of success.

Whilst every effort is made to make adjustments to your custom orthotics to maximise their benefit to you. It is not guaranteed that your symptoms will resolve with orthotics in the same way other medical interventions cannot offer a guarantee of success.

Like other custom made items, custom orthotics are non-returnable and as such we do not provide refunds on any custom orthotics provided.

Instead we do offer 3 month unlimited adjustsments as part of our standard service to patient purchasing custom made orthotics.