What is Video Gait Analysis?

Video gait analysis is the use of specialist cameras and software looking at the science of motion (biomechanics) and assessing deviations from "normal motion".

The biomechanical assessment needs to be undertaken by recognised health professionals with full knowledge of biomechanics. An example of professionals with this specialist knowledge is Orthotists and Podiatrists. As part of this assessment, our Treatment Hub clinicians will also undertake a full medical history, static alignment including body position, muscle powers and joint ranges of movement.


The slow-motion cameras are linked to specialist software we use within our clinics (both Hamilton and Glasgow biomechanics clinics have this software). This allows us to analyze your walking or running pattern in the frame by frame detail to look for compensatory movements linked to biomechanical issues to allow us to then establish the cause of your pain or discomfort. These biomechanical issues are not always easily seen at normal speed and as such, our software is an important part of our biomechanical assessment in our Hamilton and Glasgow biomechanical assessment.