Podiatrist and Chiropodist Hamilton based clinic

Our Podiatrist and Chiropodist clinic is delivered in our Treatment Hub Hamilton clinic. The term podiatrist is the more modern name to what would previously be termed chiropodist or chiropody.

All staff are HCPC registered Podiatrists/Chiropodists and can treat the whole range of foot problems and chiropody treatments including routine nail care to nail surgery.

At our foot clinic in Hamilton we also provide biomechanical assessments to understand why you may be getting hard skin in certain areas. Custom made insoles (or orthotics) can sometimes be used to prevent the hard skin from reoccurring.

Ask your podiatrist for more information on whether a biomechanical assessment may be helpful for you.

What sort of foot problems can we treat in our foot clinic?

There are a large variety of different foot problems we see in our foot clinic in The Treatment Hub in Hamilton.

Some details of common foot issues people contact us with for our podiatrists/chiropodists to deal with in clinic are below.

For specific information on some of our treatments please see below.

Long, Thickened Toenails

There are many factors which can affect the nail plate e.g; trauma, fungal, nail bed pathology, and normal aging can result in the nails becoming thickened, discoloured, crumbly or even painful.  Problems with toenails are very common, they can be very difficult to cut and maintain as well as time consuming. We offer a professional nail cutting service which will eliminate any stresses associate with damaged nails.


Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is caused when the nail curls or a nail spur pierces the skin. It appears red, swollen and tender.  An ingrown toenail commonly affects the big toenails and can become very painful. There is often pain with pressure, inflammation and swelling around the area and pus may appear. We offer both conservative and surgical treatment options for ingrown toenails to give you immediate relief.


Fungal Toenails / Athletes Foot

Fungal infections can affect both the skin and nails in the feet. Athletes foot describes a fungal infection in the skin and often presents red, itchy, dry and scaly along the sole of the foot. It can often present in between the toes along the web-space and this often presents wet/ macerated, cracked and sore. A fungal infection in the toenails can develop gradually and cause the nail to become thickened, discoloured and deformed.  We can offer an effective treatment for athletes foot and management of thick fungal toenails.


What is a verruca?

A Verruca is a form of wart or growth on the sole of the foot. The cause of these growths are in relation to the Human Papilloma virus (HPV). No one is sure why so many people get them but they are extremely common

They are often seen in children, or patients with a weakened immune system. There are a variety of ways in which these can be treated. It is best to discuss this with your Podiatrist in our clinic in Hamilton to give option around how your verruca can be treated.


Callus (Hard Skin) and Corns

Calluses are hard, thickened areas of skin that develop due to excessive pressure. These often appear along the ball of the foot and heel area and can result in corns forming. Corns are circular localised areas of hard skin which often develop along bony areas. They develop inwards to the body and are often quite painful. Both conditions can be extremely painful and require professional help to reduce the pain and advice to prevent them reoccurring. A qualified podiatrist or chiropodist can remove these corns or callouses as a routine appointment.


Treatment for Corns and Callous

Callous and corns are a result of pressure on the foot in certain areas and once removed they will provide relief in the area. However, walking starts to load the foot again and the process of callous build up usually returns after a number of weeks.

A longer term solution to help reduce the likelihood of callous returning or preventing the pain is the useof specialist insoles called orthotics.

A specialist biomechancial assessment is undertaken to prescribe these orthotics to reduce the pain and discomfort from the corns or callous.

The Treatment Hub team are experts in this speciailist assessment and undertake this in both their Hamilton Podiatry and orthotics clinic and also their Glasgow Podiatry and orthotics clinic.

Find out more about orthotics and biomechanical assessment


What can I expect at the Treatment Hub Podiatry & Chiropody foot clinic in Hamilton?

At The Treatment Hub foot clinic, each and every Podiatrist/Chiropodist is HCPC registered and has access to a full range of equipment to maintain your foot health.

Our Hamilton foot clinic, treats patients with everything from simple nail problems such as ingrown toenails, to complex video gait analysis to assess your biomechanics to understand why you may have foot, leg, or even back pain.

We are one of the only Podiatry/Orthotic clinics with our own on-site orthotic lab, to manufacture foot orthotics while you wait.


Podiatry/Chiropody Treatment

£ 30

Single Issue Treatment

i.e. Nail Care or Callus Removal
£ 25

Verrutop Verruca treatment (single treatment)

First Appointment
£ 55

Verrutop veruca treatment package (3 sessions)

Return Appointment
£ 150

Nail Surgery

Single Toe, Including Dressings and Follow Up)
£ 300

Nail Surgery

Multiple Toes, Including Dressings and Follow Up)
£ 350