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Services at this clinic include

Sport Orthotics (Doune)

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The Sport Orthotics Doune clinic is our dedicated orthotics and biomechanics clinic situated within the Weir podiatric clinic in Doune near Stirling.

Like all other of our Treatment Hub family of clinics our Doune clinic is a Gait and Motion approved clinic. As such we have both the Footscan pressure system and are also able to provide Phits orthotics as well as other 3d printed orthotic devices.

We utilise both the newest technologies to compliment our many years of clinical knowledge in biomechanics, orthotics and gait analysis

The clinic based in The Weir Podiatry clinic in Doune is a satellite clinic and is primarily used as a biomechanical assessment and orthotic fitting centre.


Services available include


Our Doune biomechanics clinic consists of 1 clinic room with clinics usually undertaken fortnightly. The clinic delivers all aspects of Biomechanical assessments, gait analysis, and custom orthotics from insoles to ankle foot orthoses (AFO's).


Contact details for our Doune clinic

Sport Orthotics Doune

1 Main Street


FK16 6BJ

Call:- 0141 212 7172